Highlights of Mr. Zeeshan Altaf Lohya’s Appearance in Subh-e-Nau Morning Show at PTV News

Zeeshan Altaf Lohya, the Founder and President of Z International School, Z International Applied Education Research Centre and NGO Own Pakistan was invited by PTV News in the Morning Show on Monday, May, 28, 2018.

The topic of discussion was “Which is the best Education System that needs to be followed” onto which Mr. Zeeshan Altaf emphasized on the importance of National Curriculum System in Pakistan. He believed that National Curriculum System should be sustained in all of the provinces and every student must learn the equivalent studies without any discrimination. He further said that National Curriculum should be the Cambridge System so that the student can outshine across the globe. The common core of the Cambridge System creates a rigor of standards that is equal across the whole nation. Doing this allows for stability and coherence in creating a groundwork for basic and knowledge skills for students in Education.

He also verified that Cambridge System benefits to shift learning from rote method, to enrich the curriculum so that the student can do critical thinking and it goes beyond textbooks. He also said that teachers’ training programs, workshops and the experienced educationists play a vital role to enhance and reform the quality of National Curriculum System. He further conversed about his Evening Program where his NGO – Own Pakistan is serving an underprivileged society of Karachi within the same infrastructure of Z International School with free transportation, books, and free education. He also voiced PTV News about his Z International Applied Education Research Centre’s two published researches on Islamic Banking System and Education.