Educational visits

Learning never stops it’s in the air all you need to grab it at right time ….we make sure to indulge a child in outdoor activities as well and the best one are educational visits …. We arrange International tour every year; these visits help them being more confident and shape up their personality.

Personal Grooming and Social Education

We believe that there are many areas of knowledge and understanding that lie in the Curriculum but as a hidden part. In particular, personal and social developments of the children are the areas that have become an increasingly important part of children’s education. It aims to promote self-esteem, interpersonal skills and strengthen relationships, whilst at the same; time allows all to have fun together. This forms an integral part of our disciplinary policy and pastoral support for the children. Personal grooming classes are a vital part of our curriculum held under the guidance of especially trained teachers.

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Just as same as Arts “where words fail music speaks “beside all other activities we have our school Band which trains all students in area of music such as rhythmical exercises, solo and group singing along with poems for kids.

Arts and Crafts

Art speaks where words are unable to explain and it’s rightly said that there is a hidden artist in every child. To explore the unseen talent in our children we have team of highly skilled art teachers who guides them to work on every medium of art, a colorful ambiance is provided in our fully equipped art room that captivate every art lover.Crafts work is done involving textiles, wood, clay, papers, canvas beads etc.