From the Desk Of President

I would like to take you for a quick tour to our school to understand the uniqueness of this institution.

The passion,enthusiasm and commitment that both staff and students exhibits,makes

Z International school a unique and cherished place to learn. We established in 2000 with ambition to provide best education accompanied with developing child’s personality.

The main purpose of Z International school is to ensure that the young people we serve are well prepared for the challenges they face in a rapidly changing world. A central part of their education at Z International school is to nurture the development of their character.

At Z International school we provide wholesome development to the child.i.e intellectual,physical,moral,social and emotional development.We believe in respect,integrity,trust,honesty and ethical behaviour.

We tend to raise the potential of each child to stand successfully not only in the national level but also in the global scenario.
Teaching children about global issues and encouraging them to see the world through other’s eyes is of huge importance.

A panel of British educationists direct from UK is monitoring the affairs of school and a lot innovative improvements have been made.This provided students with wide range of opportunities and learning experiences beyond the class rooms to be creative thinkers,problem solvers and dynamic leaders.

I whole heartedly thank the parent community for their untiring support and cooperation that makes the Z International family, complete and meaningful.
I wish my students, to see the invisible and do the impossible IN SHA ALLAH.