1We are proud of the ICT facilities we have All classes have access to computers. We have two fully equipped computer labs. Students have access to the internet which is carefully monitored to ensure that children are protected from inappropriate material. We teach ICT as a discrete subject as well as encouraging our children to use and develop their ICT skills across all other subjects. Our aim is to provide children with the skills to live in the 21st century and we are constantly updating our facilities to ensure our children have access to the best. Z International is the authorized education centre of FOURTH-R International Computer Training Franchise from USA.

2Children participate in a range of musical activities, which include singing, rhythmical exercises and performances. We have an excellent school band and students beautifully play various instruments.

Through Art our children are encouraged to develop their creativity and imagination. Children are encouraged to build on skills to develop their control of materials, tools and techniques. We develop our children’s critical awareness of the roles and process of Art, craft and design in different times and cultures. Our aim is for children to become more confident in using visual elements, materials and processes to communicate what they see, feel and think.

Most children have special needs within an area of the curriculum at some time in their school career. At Z International the special needs of children are identifies by the teachers or remedial experts by observation, assessment and consultation with parents, previous school records and the school doctor (particularly in physical problems).

Medical Care and School Clinic

We have a doctor available in our school clinic, who examines the children and look after their health issues and problems.

Educational Visits

Educational visits reflect the high standard of learning experiences which we provide for the children of Z International. The Educational value of all proposed activities and the health of our children is carefully considered by staff.

Home School Partnership

You are the first and the most important educator of your child. We value and appreciate the important role you play in supporting your child in developing a positive attitude to school and learning. It has been proven that children learn best when home and school work in partnership. Schools can not educate children alone. We need your support. We always welcome you for your suggestions, support and participation in various school activities.