We have state of art campus building with all facilities required quality education. We have two buildings at one place separating Junior and Senior sections.

With the consistently hot weather of Karachi the class room environment plays an important role in the learning and health of our students. This environment is in part controlled by our air-conditioning units. Obviously as a school we need to make sure our students are comfortable so we have fully air-conditioned classes in our school. Laboratory auditorium

Time is changed now it’s a world of technology and we believe in joining shoulders with contemporary world …The interactive board turns a typical class room in to a fun learning environment as it allow different forms of media-including photos,illustrations,maos,graphs,games and videos to be displayed.

Children are born artists. Some are good at acting and some are good at singing. We at our school provide a platform to students where they feel free to show their talent. It is used for assembly, result announcements and other purposes also. Fully Air conditioned auditorium has the capacity to accommodate about 500 persons at a time.

  • Library- well stocked library
    One cannot deny the significance of a library in school. School library serve students by providing materials to students to meet their various needs and help children to study independently. We have well stocked library at our school where students as well as teachers get benefits from the treasure of books.
  • Laboratories –well equipped Science Labs
    We know very well that by providing the innovative science lab equipment to our students, we are preparing them for the scientific and technological world. We have up to date materials, supplies and equipment at our school labs.
  • Information Technology Lab
    The biggest challenge faced by students at present is the rapid change in technology. Technology lends itself to project-based learning, and this can be hard to manage it in a class room. We at Z International School have two separate labs for Juniors and Seniors where both the sections have their own programmes installed according to their syllabus requirement. It’s strictly monitored to avoid students using it in appropriately.
  • Health and Care
    We have a space allocated for Medical treatment and First Aid in case of any emergency. Students are taken urgently to the nearby Medical center.
  • Security and safety
    Security system with CCTV Cameras in each class along with 24/7 on toes steadfast security guards available at the campus.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Words from the Holy Quran

  • Read! in the Name of your Lord, who has created (All that exists). Surah Alaq.

Importance of Education in the eyes of our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

  • Seek Knowledge “even though it be in China.”
  • The acquisition of Knowledge is a duty incumbent on every Muslim,male and female.
  • Seek Knowledge from cradle to the grave.

“The best amongst you is the one who learns and teaches Quran” (Al-Quran)

The feature that makes us truly different from others is our Hifz e Quran programme we are undoubtedly the pioneers in introducing this soulful programme where regular studies and religious studies goes hand in hand .Kids at initial stages are enrolled and with the help of highly dedicated Qari Sahibaan students finish their Hifz within 3 years, the best part is that after finishing Hifz successfully we return the amount of paid fees of that period as a Reward. .

We offer scholarship to students who achieve and maintain excellent grades in Examination.

Sports scholarship is offered to students who bring laurels to school.