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At Z International School, we offer Cambridge students the opportunity to gain acceptance into top colleges and universities in Pakistan and around the world. Our curriculum aligns with the Cambridge Assessment International examination standards.

Our Curriculum covers nine areas of learning:

Personality Development

English Department

Numeracy Department

Urdu Department

Fantasy Department

Arts and Design Department

Social Science Department

Religion Department

Sports and Recreational Department

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Hifz-e-Quran Programme

The Z International School offers an exclusive Hifz Program which, unlike any other school throughout Karachi, rewards the Hafiz/Hafiza with a percentage refund of the Tuition fee that had been paid from the time of admission till the time of the completion of the Hifz Programme. The Hifz Programme begins at Stage 1 and then works its way through the academic session along with other basic subjects that include English, Urdu, and Mathematics. When the student reaches stage 3, we introduce the fourth subject called Social Science.

Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary Checkpoint

After establishing Z International School, we introduced Primary and Lower Secondary Checkpoints, making it mandatory for students to participate in Cambridge exams at the primary and secondary levels. Unlike pre-existing schools that solely focused on O and A-Levels education, our school implemented a unique program that offers students the opportunity to acquire four Cambridge qualifications. This initiative not only provides them with a comprehensive educational experience but also eliminates the need for expensive tuition fees for their forthcoming O levels of examinations.

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