Z Religion Department

Welcome to the Religion section of Z International School’s website. In this Department, we work on shaping our students’ ethical framework and values. Our commitment to Islamic principles forms the foundation of our educational institution. Read on to discover how we foster ethical behaviour, faithfulness, and a solid connection to our students’ faith.

Religion holds significant value in shaping an individual’s ethical framework and values daily. One way we achieve this is through organizing various events that align with Islamic customs observed by the Muslim community. By actively incorporating the principles of Islam into our students’ education, we encourage them to develop as ethical and devoted believers. Religion plays a vital role in shaping a student’s values and fostering optimistic beliefs, particularly during challenging times. It provides students with perspective and hope. At Z International School, we recognize and promote the importance of being a Muslim, emphasizing the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and the Holy Book, the Quran.

Naat Competition

Z International School hosted the “Z Qiraat, Naat, and Azaan Interschool Competition 2023” to foster and promote important components of Islamic religious traditions. The event brought together students from various schools in Karachi, providing them with an opportunity to develop a strong sense of community, exchange ideas, learn from one another, and form new friendships. The competition successfully contributed to enhancing students’ self-confidence and self-esteem. Congratulations to the winners and all the participants, as their involvement instilled a sense of pride and accomplishment. We express our gratitude to all the participating schools for their active engagement

We do our fullest to integrate Islamic principles into the education of our students, nurturing their ethical development and fostering a strong connection to their faith..